“Achalraj” by Malcolm Harrison, based on the Darjeeling Railway in India.

Who we are and what we do

We model narrow-gauge railways, mainly in what is known as “009”. That is to say, we model in 4mm/ft scale (1:76), but using 9mm gauge track (‘N’ gauge) to represent railways with a gauge between 2ft. and 2ft. 6ins. We are even more flexible than this; we use ‘HO’ scale (3.5mm/ft) as well to represent gauges up to 1 metre.

Our interests go beyond 4mm or 3.5mm/ft narrow gauge modelling, to include larger or smaller scales and even standard gauge. Some of our members model narrow gauge railways in O scale (7mm/foot, 1:43.5), 1:22 and 1:35 scale, running on 9mm or 16.5mm gauge track.

Our common interest is narrow-gauge models, and we support (although we are not affiliated to) the 009 Society, with its national and international connections.


Updates to this website

Last reviewed on 2nd April 2020

Have started what I hope will be a series of “Lockdown Projects” to show what we’ve been up to while in isolation. New contributions are coming in on an almost daily basis: please see “Projects” page.

Following the recent Government announcement, most or all model railway events, including our own, have been cancelled. However, that is not going to stop us from continuing, despite the fact that we are in social isolation, with our modular project. News and updates will be found on the “Linked Dioramas” page which will be updated regularly. We hope that others might be encouraged by our example, such as it is.

There is still activity in 009. This turned up in my post on Friday 3rd:



The 009 Society

The Beds & Bucks Narrow Gauge Modellers are supporters of the 009 Society. If you have enjoyed visiting this site and wish to know more about the Society, click here.