‘Special’ Short Runs in 009

PECO seem to be specialising at the moment in issuing their wagons and coaches in new liveries, including some “special” short runs. The 4w L&B open wagon (which has already been issued with a ‘fake’ Ffestiniog Railway livery) was produced for Invicta Model Rail in “Crown Quay” livery, as running on the Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway. The Bure Valley Railway had a version labelled for them. For AGR Model Railways of Leighton Buzzard, the wagon has been issued in an attractive but entirely fictitious “Arnolds Sand” livery, which proved so popular that a second run was produced, in weathered form. The Glyn Valley 4w coach was produced in a special livery for the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These “specials” are produced in very short runs and no attempt is being made to publicise them in “009 News”, which seems a pity.

The Glyn Valley coaches (three different types) are now in the “normal” Peco range in plain red and plain green liveries, and they look very effective.

The Lynton & Barnstaple bogie coach is also to be found in the Fourdees range in their “chocolate and cream” livery, and looks very impressive indeed. If it sells well, perhaps this colour scheme will be extended to the rest of the L&B range.

Apart from the problem of keeping informed about all these variations, there is the problem of paying for them! – Not least because you will need to buy most of them by post from the different retailers involved.

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