18 November 2018: Stapleford

We met at a new venue, the spacious and modern Jubilee Pavillion at Stapleford, hosted by Stephen Clulow. This was a modelling session, where we worked on various projects, which included two layouts, our host’s new 09 industrial layout, which we named “Second” (his previous 009 layout is called “First” because it is his first) and John Szmigielski’s 009 layout, under construction and not yet named.

 David Gander had a collection of new 3D prints, including some tiny RAF Calshot wagons by Rue d’etropal from Shapeways. Tony Clarke was fixing handlebars to some Preiser bicycles. John Shawe had a Backwoods Darjeeling pacific, converted to 8mm gauge and being modified so that the motor will be in the loco and not the tender. Andy Holt was building his first 009 kit, a Dundas FR-style 4-compartment coach. Malcolm Harrison had another Langley Darjeeling tank and was scratch-building two coaches to go with it. Chris Krupa was still working on his Russian bus conversion, and  Stephen S brought a Brick Price bogie diesel, an American etched-brass body kit from about 30 years ago.

 Photo shows Tony and John S looking at John’s layout.

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