22 October 2017: Simpson Village Hall

Brian persuades yet another Heljan 2-6-2 to behave itself!

Despite the meeting being advertised as containing a short AGM we had the best attendance for a long time. We were pleased to welcome two new members, Malcolm Harrison and Simon George and also Jack Garbett whom we have not seen for a couple of years. A total of 13 members spent the afternoon on a large variety of projects. David Gander brought his newly purchased model of Wherewithal Quay which we all admired. John Rees assembled some Greenwich couplings for a rake of PD VoR wagons whilst Stephen Sullivan was repairing some DG couplings and checking the back to back measurements on some of his wagons. Chris Krupa started constructing a watermill for his latest layout. New members, Malcolm Harrison continued building a Five79 kit of Snowdon Ranger and Simon George built some Hudson skip wagons. I am sure I have missed a few projects. The range of activities demonstrates the diverse interests of the group.
The AGM was combined with a break for refreshments. Our Open day had been a success both financially and from the numbers of people through the door. The arrangements for the Open day in 2018 are progressing well. Venues for the meetings during the first six months of 2018 were tentatively agreed.

A fascinating freelance 0-6-0 that Malcolm Harrison bought from the Sales Stand and that nobody seems able to identify (BQ&M possibly stands for “B Quarries and Mines”)

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