25 March 2018: Milton

The group met at Tony Clarke’s house to run their latest models on his compact 009 layout, Mirkwood. He showed his attempt at a workman’s truck consisting of a Corgi pickup truck mounted on a Kato chassis after a great deal of work removing much of the underside of the truck. Stephen Clulow had built two A2Rail 3D body kits on to Minitrains chassis, again after much work on the surface of the kits. John Szmigielski ran his Chivers Skylark fitted with plasticard skirts to convert it to a tram loco also mounted on a Kato chassis. Stephen Sullivan produced a Sierra Leone 2-6-2 on a Minitrix chassis fitted with Brian Clarke outside cranks. All of these ran very smoothly.
Much of the afternoon was spent looking through a pile of railway modelling magazines from the late 1950s and 1960s brought by John Shawe as he is trying to have a clear out. They made fascinating reading and demonstrated how far the hobby has progressed in 50 years.
After refreshments, the conversation turned to the beginnings of 009 modelling. Chris Krupa, David Gander, Stephen Sullivan and John Shawe, who have all been working in this scale for decades, reminisced about many of the characters involved in the early years and the origins of many of the models in the archive.

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