27 January 2019: Simpson

In January we met at Simpson Village Hall, Milton Keynes, with coffee and cakes provided by Brian Key, who was modifying some Wills Craftsman buildings for his new layout.  Village Halls give us the space to work on various projects, and John Rees took the opportunity to bring his entire new HOm layout, “Rosental”, still very much a work in progress and based on the RhB. David Gander and  Stephen Sullivan were building plastic wagon kits from their collections, and David had brought the latest additions to his library for our perusal.  Stephen and Malcolm Harrison had a collection of Darjeeling locos and stock.  Bob Menzies had a couple of quite stunning entries for the EXPONG challenge that we will keep under wraps for the time being.  Andy Holt provided the test track, which ran in DCC mode with his sound-fitted Bachmann Baldwin, complete with upgraded speaker. Stephen Clulow brought along an 09 Ruston, which was also DCC-fitted. The most fascinating of the various discussions that took place was a “Heljan clinic”, in which Bob, Nick Percival (making a welcome return to the Group) and Brian swapped their experiences. This kind of mutual support and encouragement is surely the best reason for joining a Local Group.

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