25 February 2018: Silsoe Village Hall

We had two meetings this month. The first was our Christmas lunch, which had been postponed because of snow on the original December date. It was strange wishing people ‘Merry Christmas’ in the middle of February. The second was a working afternoon hosted by Nick Percival, who also provided the very nice catering. We met in Silsoe Village Hall that we have used once before.
We welcomed a new member, John Szmigielski, to his second meeting. He was constructing a freelance rail bus for the Isle of Man Railway on a Tomytek chassis. Bob Menzies was fitting roof top ventilators to some hand-built Campbeltown and Machrihanish coaches. John Rees actually ran a train on the circular test track consisting of a Heljan L& B engine towing 3 Society steel drop sided tippers with a Society brake van. Stephen Sullivan was assembling a Japanese N Power chassis and Malcolm Harrison had fitted a replacement Kato motor to a Roco chassis which will be fitted to a 3D printed freelance loco body. John Shawe started to solder up some track but was brought to a halt when Tony Clarke tripped over the lead to the soldering iron and pulled the wires out of the plug!
Brian Key started the construction of a permanent way train using Dundas WW1 vehicles and Society kits. The remaining members either watched all this work or just chatted about many different topics. Hardly any photographs were taken on this occasion.

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