20 October 2019 – Simpson

Clayridge 6

Malcolm Harrison’s loco ‘Quintus’ on Clayridge

Our October meeting was a modelling afternoon (most of our meetings these days tend to take this format) at Simpson Village Hall, hosted by Brian Key.

Many of those present were building plastic rolling stock kits, including a Dundas Festiniog-style bogie coach (Tony), a Vale of Rheidol brake van (John Szm), some Snailbeach hoppers (Malcolm) and a WD Models B class open wagon (Stephen S). Others were involved with scenery and structures: David and Matt were starting a Superquick building, Brian was building an underbridge from balsa sheet, and Stephen C was making some guttering. John R had a Langley Models Sir Drefaldwyn kit, and is actively seeking a Bachmann 2-8-0 to provide the chassis. Malcolm had brought his complete new layout, “Clayridge” and some of the locos to go with it, which have a distinct “Rutland Ironstone” air about them. John Shawe hardly had a moment to unpack the box of stock he had brought. Our meetings would not be complete, of course, without Chris working on his 1:32 Russian bus kit. It is pleasing to report that this is now being fitted out with interior detail and seats.

We decided to continue with a scaled-down exhibition next year, and something more like a traditional Open Day for the year after. Our regular show has become, we think, a victim of its own success. We are a relatively small group, and our enthusiasm for making sandwiches and running car parks is less than that for “playing trains”.

On which subject, we resolved unanimously to start planning and building a group modular layout, having been impressed by Stephen C’s research into the subject.

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