23 February 2020: Flitwick

In February we met at a new venue, Flitwick Village Hall, and our host was John Szmigielski . We eagerly unpacked the parts for the baseboard and the linker modules, brought along by Brian and Stephen C, for our proposed layout project. Participants were asked to bring a completed linker module to the March meeting (March 29 at Simpson Village Hall) when track can be laid under supervision and using a template, so that the modules will eventually connect with each other.
We made further plans for our pop-up “Runing Day”. At least eight members vlunteered their layouts, and we decided that there would be no traders (Mervyn Askew not beinbg avauilabkle with his Model Roads & Transport stand). We decided to charge a £2 entrance fee.
Andy managed to surprise everyone at the Flitwick meeting by bringing his 5ft. long DCC layout “Tiddly”, for its first public run. Stephen S was working through his box of potato railway locos, cleaning and oiling them ready for the Leamington show; Bob had brought an 0-6-6-0 Mallet and a Langley WD Hunslet 4-6-0, both using Minitrix chassis, fitted with Tramfabriek motors, and running smoothly and far quieter than the originals.. Malcolm had one of his Whipsnade coaches (converted from a 3D print) and a Chivers “Joan” running on an outside-framed Roco 0-6-0 chassis. Nigel continued with his professional-looking work table and the Corris brake van kit, while Chris (of course) had his Russian bus.

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