Our Layouts

Clayridge by Malcolm Harrison

Clayridge 1

Clayridge represents a small part of the Purbeck clay tramways showing the clay pit workings and part of the River Frome. Set in the later days of the railways in use on the clay pits. Most of the locos are kit-bashed or scratch built as is the other rolling stock.

clayridge 2

Clayridge 3

Clayridge 4

Clayridge 5

Clayridge 6

Clayridge 7


Heys Quay by Malcolm Harrison

Heys Quay is set in the north west of England on the river Heys near where it meets the coast. Small fishing boats unload their catch and other goods some legal some not but the local bobby is watching. All set in the late 50s it has a good passenger service mainly with small locos and coaches. This 009 layout is housed in an under bed storage box.


Green End by David Gander

The layout is based on the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway, including models of several W&L structures. It is a fine example of how you can build an 009 layout in a small space, being intended originally to run across the top of a couple of bookcases. It was featured in ‘Railway Modeller’ in August 2004. The layout continues to appear at shows. David is our treasurer and an Honorary Life Member of the 009 Society, which he has served as Newsletter Editor, Trade Liaison Officer and two sessions as Chairman..


Holbeach Estates Railway by Stephen Sullivan

Stephen was the Editor of the ‘009 Handbook’ ((two editions, 1990 and 2000) and is an Honorary Life Member of the 009 Society.  “Holbeach” is based on the LIncolnshire Potato Railways that ran between 1920 and 1960. The layout was featured in ‘Model Rail’ no.199 (Summer 2014) and in the “Tracks to the Trenches”  video in the digital edition of British Railway Modelling for November 2018. An information leaflet is available for Exhibition managers here.


Ilfracombe East by Brian Key

Brian, our Exhibition Manager, is inspired by the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in Devon. Originally all of the locos, stock and buildings on the layout were scratch- or kit-built, although Brian has recently introduced the Peco and Heljan  ready-to-run models which have become available.


Mirkwood by Tony Clarke

Tony’s 009 layout, Mirkwood, represents a small Welsh slate quarry and associated village served by a narrow gauge railway. The village includes a church and a row of quarrymen’s cottages facing the foreman’s house. The station includes the usual facilities of a goods shed and locomotive facilities. Many buildings are scratchbuilt. The layout is featured in ‘Railway Modeller’ for January 2019, and 009 News for August 2020.

Exhibition Managers: Click here for an information sheet about this layout.


Achalraj by Malcolm Harrison

Achalraj represents a small town in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains. The D.H.R. squeezing through the buildings of the town makes its way up passing the tea pickers in the plantation then out into the wilds watching out for the elephants then makes its way back to the station and the busy shops in the town. The layout is featured in “Continental Modeller” for March 2019.


Old Oak by John Rees

Built in 1920 along the route of a former horse worked tramway, using ex-war department equipment, the Old Oak Mineral Railway was absorbed by the GWR in 1925.The war department stock was replaced by second hand equipment from other GWR narrow gauge lines. Despite dwindling traffic, the line survived to be requisitioned by the War Department in 1940. After the war, it was sold to a group of businessmen who now use it to serve the re-opened quarry, using internal combustion locomotives. At the present time (1951), everyone is watching developments on the Talyllyn Railway with interest. Could steam hauled passenger trains return to Old Oak?



Bob Menzies’ Loft Layout

Bob has an extensive loft layout, running the full length of his house and his extension. It is mostly 009 with some standard gauge. Both gauges are complete loops so provide a good long run for the stock, of which there was a considerable amount. Controllers are Gaugemaster WS, with simulated inertia giving a very satisfying feel to driving the trains. The layout has a distinct main-line flavour, reminiscent of the Campbeltown & Macrihanish. Photos by David Gander


First by Stephen Clulow

Stephen’s first 009 layout is called “First” – he says he couldn’t think of another name, and this one stuck! It made a very attractive debut at our 2016 Open Day, and was featured in 009 News for July 2017, British Railway Modelling in April 2019 and Narrow Gauge World 141 (August 2019). Click here to go to Stephen’s modelling blog.


Danny and Dawn Figg

Danny specialises in small and unusual layouts, often built for competitions. In this collection I have included some layouts built by Dawn Figg, Danny’s mother. Note her original reply to the challenge to build a “triangular” layout.

Two pictures of Danny’s Cakebox challenge entries.


8mm gauge by John and Jack Shawe

Some scenes on the 8mm gauge finescale (‘008’?) layout of John and Jack Shawe. The K1 loco features on our Projects pages. The Fairlie is not quite in focus, but I hope to get another shot soon.


Des Trollip

Des is one of our most prolific, and most artistic, members. He specialises in small layouts in a variety of scales. This layout, “Congo Bananas”, was built for a ‘Pizza’ layout competition at EXPO Narrow Gauge. His layout ‘Southern Cross Sand & Cement’ was featured in ‘Continental Modeller’ for October 2015. ‘Zebdelia Citrus’ was in Continental Modeller for October 2012.

Brancaster Staithe, built by Des and now owned by Eugene Thomas. Photo taken January 2018

‘Dungeness Dreaming’ by Des is to 1:22 scale and runs on 16.5mm track. It is also equipped with sound and radio control. The layout featured in “Railway Modeller” for January 2017.


Layouts by Mark Howe

The late Mark Howe was the founder of our Group and, until recently, our Convenor and Exhibition Organiser. He was one of the founders of the 009 Society in 1973, and was the editor of 009 News for five years. Above, a shot of “Barton Mills”, his earliest layout. Below we have photographs of his final layout, ‘Stanton Lacey’. Our Tribute to Mark Howe.

Here is a shot of Mark’s continental layout, “Bad Heidrichstein”:


Bayern Air by Paul Sutherland

Paul’s layouts feature Austrian narrow gauge in Winter (‘Oberaudorf’) and Summer (‘Bayern Air’, shown here). His latest, ‘Gusswerk’ (also Winter) is featured in Continental Modeller for February 2018.


Clogwyn Halt by Jack Garbett

Jack’s layout, “Clogwyn Halt” was featured at our 2013 Open Day.


Stephen Sullivan’s “Sewage Railway”

009 in a box file.


Port Sapple Marine by Chris Krupa


Royston Wharf by Royston Model Railway Club

We have a close relationship with the Royston Model Railway Club, since Tony our co-ordinator is also their Chairman. So, although it is not actually one of ‘our’ layouts, we are featuring their Club layout, “Royston Wharf”. This layout – with some additions since these photos were taken – is featured in ‘Railway Modeller’ for October 2018. Exhibition Managers: Click here for an information sheet about this layout.