Stapleford 17 November 19

In November we met at Stapleford Pavilion, hosted by Stephen C, who provided the cakes and cheese board, and had also bought his 09 “layout in progress” so that we could try out DCC control. Further technological wizardy was demonstrated by Andy, who was showing a servo controller with some very impressive circuitry and lights. The test track was used by Malcolm, with his new Fourdees Superior and a Golden Arrow Excelsior (modified to take a Bachmann chassis) to match. Malcolm also had a pair of Whipsnade coaches and an outline plan for a Whipsnade module (see below).


Tony (Dundas FR-style coach), John Szm (Rheidol brake van) and Chris (Russian bus kit) have projects that they bring out specially for these modelling afternoons, and have all reached the painting stage. I was discovering the surprising fact that the Stenning Talyllyn 3-bar slate wagon is designed in a completely different way from the 2-bar version!

Bob was constructing a building from foamboard; David and Matt were building a hotel from a card kit and had brought a Norfolk Heath 3D W&L bogie wagon. John Shawe had a Langley double Fairlie in 9mm gauge and a live-steam Blanche in 32mm gauge by way of contrast.

All present agreed to proceed with the group Modular layout. John Szm had brought a baseboard along, complete with track, so that we could see what we were undertaking.